Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Npros Adds Genesis Pure and 21Ten to Directory

21Ten ( a new division of OxyFresh ) has been added to the Npros.com directory:


Phone: 800.540.7656

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Richard Brook, CEO

Genesis Pure has also been added to the Npros.com home business directory.
Genesis Pure is a network marketing company offering nutritional supplements and naturally enhancing and restorative juice drinks. The company relies upon Independent Business Owners (IBO‘s) rewarding them with 55% of the total sales of commissioned products; with seven different streams of revenue possible.

Genesis Pure
772 East Utah Valley Drive Suite 388
American Fork Utah 84003
Phone: 801.492.5888
Fax: 801.492.5889

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN CEO and Chairman
Daren Hogge, President
Reggie Rappleye, Director of Finance
Tim Hough, Vice President of Operations
James Porter, Chief Information Officer
JinHee Woo Senior Director of Network Development
Brittani Lambert, Director, Leadership Success
Paula Christensen, Sr. Manager Operations
Haylie Hoglund, Manager, Independent Business Owner Success

Click here for a list of all new companies.

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VoiParty Added to Npros.com

VoiParty has been added to the Npros.com directory.

4423 Del Prado Blvd S
South Cape Coral Florida 33904
Phone: 239 945 8647

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Dr. Ciri Martinez II, Co-President/CEO Chairman/Co-Founder
Joe Machado, Co-President/CEO Founder
Tony Lopez, CIO/Co-Founder
Paul Jorgensen, COO/Co-Founder

Click here for the complete VoiParty profile.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

PYXISM Travel Added to Npros Directory

PYXISM is a travel certificate MLM.

...PYXISM describes their compensation plan as a “smart matrix” or a “follow me matrix”. The start up fee is $300 for product purchase and an additional annual fee of $25. For the $300 product fee, members receive a choice of travel certificates. The PYXISM travel certificates are 3 day, 2 night vacation certificates or 8 day resort getaway certificates that promise a stay at 3-4 star resorts. All offers are based on availability...

64 Via Pico Plaza # 383
San Clemente California 92672

Click here for the complete PYXISM profile.


Revolucion World Wide Added to Npros

Revolucion World Wide
60 East Salado Parkway
Suite 900
Tempe Arizona 85281
Phone: 888-697-3844
Fax: 480-699-4359

Revolucion World Wide is run by Derek Broes, Peter Lupus, Revolucion produces whole-food derived nutritional products designed to boost energy and enhance the overall health of the human body by providing antioxidants and immune system boosting compounds. Revolucion advertises their products as being free of synthetic vitamins, colors and flavors, and come in the form of shakes, juices and snacks.


Jusuru Launches - Added to Npros Directory

Jusuru International is headquartered in Anaheim, California. Launched with a simple concept - to deliever an effective and unique product backed by patented and scientific research, that the company believes is so effective is will sell itself while allowing its Independend Representatives to earn income.

The Jusuru beverage contins a patented BioCell Collagen II that provides ingredients to support joint and skin health.

1668 S. Lewis Street
Anaheim 92805

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Asma Ishaq, President


Numis Network in the Npros Business Directory

Numis Network
615 Channelside Drive
Suite 201
Tampa Florida 33602
Phone: 866 920-1080
Fax: 813 805-8706

Numis Network markets and provides graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing distrubition channel. The company was founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian.


CarbonCopyPro Added to Npros

Carbon Copy Pro is an automated marketing system developed to promote Wealth Masters International. Founded by Jay Kubessek, the program was launched in 2007 as an Internet based lead generation system.

Carbon Copy Pro
2300 Candelaria Road
Suite 107
Albuquerque New Mexico 87107

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Jay Kubassek

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My Harvest America Added to Npros Home Business Directory

My Harvest America
15508 W. Bell Road Suite 101-307
Surprise Arizona 85374
Phone: 623 207 1426
Fax: 623 738 2061

According to the My Harvest America website, My Harvest America was created 'literally on Fred's kitchen table'. The original concept was driven through catalog shopping, and tens of thousands of consumers experienced first hand Fred Weih's vision for the future of grocery shopping.

My Harvest America is a reinvention of the original concept using the Internet instead of a print catalog, and with over twice the products originally offered.


CieAura Added to Npros Directory

450 N. Brand Boulevard
Glendale California

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Ken Rasner, Founder and CEO
Randy Mitchell, President

CieAura markets "holographic energy chips" with the claim that the holograms are programed with "VibraTec" an exlusive patent-pending technology that adhesively binds sound vibrations into the discs to "influence the human energy field."

CieAura claims that these programmed vibrations communicate with the body to help it regulate and "move your body's vibrations to the optimum".


Monday, November 30, 2009

Global Verge has been added to the Npros

Global Verge has been added to the Npros.com Home Business Directory.

Global Verge markets several products and as of June 2009 had enrolled over 30,000 people. Created in 2008, the company compensation plan is called a "Flex Pay Plan" and has several options for enrollment, raning from $14.95 per month to $99.95 per month.

Global Verge
200 Missouri Road Suite 202
Lee Summit Missouri 64086
Phone: 816-875-3226
Fax: 816-817-0522

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Mark Petschel, CEO
Ted Robbins, President

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Juice Plus Added to Npros.com Directory

Juice Plus is a division of NSA ( National Safety Associates ). NSA launched the Juice Plus division in 1993 as a nutritional supplement, expanding on their existing air filter, water filter, and educational product lines.

Juice PLUS
140 Crescent Drive
Collierville Tennessee 38017
Phone: 901-850-3000

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Jay Martin, CEO


Regeneration USA added to Npros.com

Regeneration USA has been added to the NPros.com home based business directory.
P.O. Box 10
Alpine New Jersey 07620-0010

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Justin B. Chernalis, Founder


Saturday, October 03, 2009

iJango added to Npros

iJango offers a web portal via referral marketing. The company has recently announced that they are repositioning to be a Membership Rewards Community. The iJango free users are referred to as Community Members. Those participating in the business opportunity to earn compensation from growing the membership base are referred to as Community Directors.
The Chairman of iJango is Steve Smith, formerly with Excel Communications.

iJango Profile

Nuverus added to Npros.com

NuVerus is a network marketing company undergoing a re-launch. The primary product is euforia, a health and wellness drink containing Nigella Sativa, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Aole Vera, Acai, Green Tea, Curcuma, Blueberry and Resveratrol.
NuVerus is in pre-launch. Interested individuals may RSVP on the NuVerus website for the pre-launch event.

Nuverus Profile


Enlyten Added to Npros Home Business Directory

Enlyten, a multi-level marketing and direct sales company, manufactures and distributes thin dissolving strips for the benefit of improving health, energy, and sleep. The company website, dated 2009, states that distributors are offered the opportunity to earn income from 12 streams; with generations forming one step up from independent distributor, and company matched checks starting 4 tiers up the ladder.
Enlyten further boasts a team of medical professionals including a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, and chief of medical staff, among others. Current press on the company states that they have hired Shaquille O’Neal as spokesperson and have designated Joint Aid Management (JAM) as their charity of choice.

The company is not on the stock exchange, and therefore no financial data is available at this time.

Enlyten Profile


Beachbody Update on Npros.com

Beachbody helps people meet their fitness goals with a combination of nutrition, exercise, motivation and commitment. Team Beachbody offers a full line of nutritional supplements and fitness programs on DVD, as well as the Team Beachbody Club, where members can find diet and exercise advice and have access to trainers. To help ensure results, a Coach is assigned to every Team Beachbody member.
Team Beachbody Coaches are independent business owners who have the opportunity to receive financial rewards according to Team Beachbody’s compensation plan. Commissions and cash bonuses are paid to Coaches who build successful business centers. New Coaches can start their Team Beachbody business for a $39.95 start-up fee and no inventory requirements, and get business building tools like a personalized Web site, product fulfillment, and success story video-sharing tools.

Beachbody Profile



KlikFire is a multi-level marketing company that has13 years of business experience and patent-pending technology at its core. KlikFire is a fully owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Communications and an independant business owner's portal for GreenBackStreet.com; a cash back shopping website.
Independant business owners of KlikFire, give away free memberships to GreenBackStreet.com. Then by getting those members to sign-up more members, they earn percentage rewards on all the shopping they do, as well as earning more when the GreenBackStreet.com members become KlikFire IBO's of their own.

Klikfire Profile

Vemma Update on Npros.com

Updated 5/29/2009: Vemma is a family-run company from the creators of New Vision. Vemma operates from a 26,000 square foot home office in Scottsdale, Arizona with a 25,000 square-foot distribution center. With over $1 billion in retail sales, the Vemma Nutrition Company has donated over $2.5 million dollars to charities such as Habitat for Humanity, The United Way, and the Rainforest Foundation.
Vemma and their energy drink Verve are involved with several sports endorsements and sponsorships.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Trump Network added to Npros

The Trump Network has been added to Npros.com's directory of over 1000 business opportunities.

The Trump Network is a pre-launch venture from Donald Trump. According to news reports, Trump acquired Ideal Health and will be relaunching the company as The Trump Network in October, 2009.

The Trump Network
12 Kent Way
Newbury Massachusetts 01922

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Donald Trump

Friday, April 24, 2009

efusjon added to Npros.com

efusjon has been added to the Npros.com home based business directory.

P.O Box 1740
Bend Oregon 97709
Phone: 541 306 6838
Fax: 541 306 6881

Robert Towles - President/CEO and Co-Founder
R. S. Edwards - COO and Co-Founder

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, efusjon energy club markets a line of specialty energy beverages made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

Click here for the complete efusjon company profile


Synaura International added to Npros Home Business Directory

Synaura International has been added to the Npros Work from Home directory.

Synaura International
Tampa Bay Florida

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Dan Maltais.

Complete Synaura Profile


IamVoip Updated Info on Npros.com

IamVoip's corporate profile has been updated on Npros.com

Recent changes include partnering with Steve Smith, million dollar Excel earner.

"...With the goal and commitment to providing crystal clear service and superior customer care, IamVoip is poised for marketwide success on the threshold of a new era in telecommunications. The technology and systems created by IamVoip is corporately controlled and owned, allowing them the ability to offer new technology and applications as they are developed..."

IamVoip Company Profile

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Tru Chocolate added to Npros.com Directory

Tru Chocolate has been added to the Npros Home Business Directory.

Tru Chocolate
2400 Boswell Road
Chula Vista California 91914
Phone: 800-279-6572

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Dr. Joel Wallach

Tru Chocolate is division of Youngevity International family of companies, marketed under the brand Chocogevity.

Tru Chocolate Company Profile


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kiiera Added to Npros Directory

Kiiera has been added to the Npros home business directory:

Company Info

P.O. Box 3373
Hollywood California 90078
Phone: 818 217-3005

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Peter Spiegel, Founder and CEO
Marvin Higbee, President
Mark Funk, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Cattani, Executive Vice President
Noreen Noble, Sr Director of Marketing

Kiiera Company Profile


USAloe Added to Npros Home Business Directory

USAloe has been added to the Npros.com directory:

US Aloe, with 37 years of experience in nutritional health, has developed its Aloe products to deliver seventy-five nutritional components including 20 minerals, 18 amino-acids and 12 vitamins, as well as its own marketing system which involves a strong emphasis on distributors getting out, promoting the product to others, and primarily handing out samples.

Company Info:

P.O. Box 130729
Carlsbad California 92011
Phone: 888 334-5329

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Pete Mountanous - Our CEO & Founder
Doug Verner - VP of Operations
Zack Linford - VP of Marketing & Sales


AllxClub Added to Npros Directory

AllxClub has been added to the Npros.com home business directory.

AllxClub Company Info

3876 Sheridan Street
Hollywood Florida 33019
Phone: 888.425.5925

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Jeff Binder, CEO
AJ Golderg, President